Piece of Mind

There are a lot of things that go in to having a worry-free wedding, and commitment level is the most important characteristic you should look for when trusting your disc jockey to lead what will probably be one of the biggest celebrations in your life.

Here is how I show my commitment to my customers:
• Have not missed an event in over 25 years
• Written, legal commitment
• Confirmation call one week before event
• Networked with other local, high-quality DJ’s in the event of emergency

I wouldn’t blame you though if my word wasn’t enough peace of mind for you. Therefore I back up each of my event commitments with a written agreement that legally binds me to your event — a money-back guarantee of sorts. And it’s automatic for every event, so you don’t need to be nervous to ask for it.

But, even with these things, we know things can happen. To help prepare for this possibility, I network with other local, experienced, committed DJ’s who may be able to fill in.

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