Questions and Answers

Why haven’t I heard of Class Act Disc Jockeys before?

Class Act Disc Jockeys has been able to sustain business by referrals from previously satisfied customers, or others guests who have seen me at a prior event.

Who is Class Act Disc Jockeys?

Class Act Disc Jockeys is owned and operated by Jeff Asman, a lifelong Fox Valley resident, former police officer, now computer-security analyst.

Who will my DJ be?

While the name “Class Act Disc Jockeys” is plural, I, Jeff Asman, the owner/operator with over 20 years experience including hundreds of weddings, will be your DJ. I will not subcontract your event to someone else. (The plural name was created years ago when I had dreams of being a multi-DJ service provided. I never ended up pursuing that after witnessing several others DJ businesses scale back in order to maintain quality services.)

How many events does Class Act Disc Jockeys do per year?

I limit the number of events I do per year for a number of reasons. I also limit the number of wedding receptions I will perform in a week and month.
• I don’t believe I (or any other single DJ operation) can do more than 25 weddings receptions a year and still provide a highly-personalized, responsive, and quality performance.
• I and my assistant will dedicate about 20-24 hours in to the planning and performance of each wedding reception we do. This does not include business administration time such as bookkeeping, advertising, equipment maintenance, or music familiarization. I want to make sure I leave time for work/life balance and leave extra time in the event my customers need extra service.

Can I come see you at an event?

Videos and photos often don’t depict the fun and energy that my expertise brings out, so I recommend that hosts-to-be preview their finalists at a live event.  However, most of events that I perform at are private events, and maintaining privacy for my customers is very important to me.  I ask customers if others can preview my services at their event, and strictly honor their wishes.

Will you play requests?

I love requests, but often times get more than I could possibly play at an event, or get requests for songs that will not be received as enthusiastically by the hosts or many other guests.  Since not playing someone’s request can be tricky territory, let’s talk about how you would like requests be handled.

Will you play our song list?

Quite often party hosts will be too busy hosting to dance or enjoy songs like they thought they might.  I find that events are most successful when I can adapt and play what I sense guests will enjoy.  I recommend hosts-to-be prepare a list of songs to help me understand their tastes, and then leave me to rely on my expertise to determine which to play, and when to play them, to maximize the fun.

How many songs does Class Act Disc Jockeys have?

Considering the average four-hour event event will consist of 50-70 songs, and that a DJ could satisfy most wedding reception request lists for a year with a library of 200-300 songs, I feel the importance of how many songs a DJ already has in stock is largely insignificant. More important I feel is how prepared your DJ is for your event. Will they get take time to get to know you, get your musical tastes and and ask what your guests are bound to like? Hopefully so. In the event you hire me on short-notice, my 26,000 songs should fill most needs.